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The service for Index to papers of Architectural Institute of Japan ended on April 30, Sunday, 2018.

The service for Online Scientific Terms (Sciterm) ended at 17:00 on March 31, Thursday, 2016, and it merged into J-GLOBAL.

The service for Doctoral Dissertation Bibliographic Database had moved to CiNii Dissertations

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Private Grants-in-Aid ResearchRegister of Private Grants-in-AidEconomic Titles Japan
Summary of Materials of Ishin HistoryDatabase of Japanese Historical DocumentsDatabase of Home Economics Research
Review Articles in Molecular BioscienceCHEMSPrimatological Reprint Collection Database
Bibliographia Germanistica JaponicaJapanese Slavic Studies DatabaseBibliography for scientific studies on cultural properties
Chemistry & EducationBibliography of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in JapanBibliography of Central Asian Studies in Japan
Database of Dossier related to Japan in Russian Diplomatic ArchivesCatalog of Collections related to Curriculum Development and Instruction of Japanese Language Teaching, held by Naruto University of EducationBibliography of Japanese Sociology
A BiBliography of Geography in JapanDatabase of American Studies in JapanThe Japanese Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies
Ogata Collection DirectoryMedical Conference Proceedings in JapanBibliography of Kanbun
Database of Teaching Materials on Home Economics EducationComprehensive Database on Soft LawComprehensive Index of Nuclear Reaction Data

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